Lingnan Receives AACSB Accreditation


On March 4th, Lingnan (University) College held a press conference, announcing the good news that Lingnan was successfully awarded AACSB accreditation. As of now, only less than 5% of business schools around the globe received this accreditation, which was the third international accreditation awarded to Lingnan following AMBA and EQUIS accreditation, making Lingnan a top “triple-crowned” business school around the globe.


Guests attending the press included Prof. Li Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University, Prof. Xu Xinzhong, Dean of Lingnan, Mr. Huang Shan, Party Secretary of Lingnan, Prof. Li Shenglan, Associate Dean of Lingnan, Prof. Zhang Yanmei, Associate Dean of Lingnan, Prof. Lu Jun, Associate Dean of Lingnan, Prof. Wang Xi, Associate Dean of Lingnan and Prof. Zou Jianhua, Associate Dean of Lingnan.


Prof. Li Ping Delivered a Speech at the Conference


Prof. Li Ping delivered a speech at the beginning of the press conference. She congratulated Lingnan on its successful acquisition of AACSB international accreditation. She attributed the success to the consistent effort of the leadership, faculty and staff, and support from all sectors of society. The acquisition of AACSB accreditation served as a manifestation of internationalization and enhancing the competitiveness of Sun Yat-sen University.


In the speech of Prof. Xu Xinzhong, firstly, he extended his most sincere gratitude to all faculty and staff for their tremendous effort and help in the process of attaining AACSB accreditation. He then introduced the benefit and significance of the AACSB accreditation. He indicated that the three international accreditations (AMBA, AQUIS and AACSB) are analogous to ISO established by the International Organization for Standardization. These accreditations marked the international recognition of Lingnan’s achievement of the past 25 years and signified that Lingnan had reached the standard of excellent worldwide business schools. “There is still much room in the pursuit of being the very best,” he emphasized.“Accreditation is not the most important; educating people is the core of our university.” Prof. Xu stated that Lingnan had been dedicating itself to the internationalization of education and would continue to pursue excellence and make improvements in the future.


Prof. Xu Delivered a Speech at the Conference

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