AMBA Accreditation of Lingnan MBA Programs Endorsed by AMBA's International Accreditation Advisory Board

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) issued an official confirmation on Aug. 20 that the accredited MBA programs of Lingnan (University) College, including full-time MBA program, part-time MBA program and Executive MBA program, have been endorsed by the Associations’ International Accreditation Advisory Board, after two months of thorough review on the College’s application. Meeting the accreditation standards in all required aspects of AMBA, Lingnan (University) College has become its 4th member in China.
Lingnan (University) College started application for AMBA accreditation in December 2009 and began preparations for accreditation materials in early 2010. The accreditation report and preparations were finalized in only six months and the on-site peer review by AMBA was conducted in mid June. The length of accreditation period offered is five year and re-assessment is expected in June 2015.
AMBA is an organization composing of MBA students and graduates, renowned business schools, MBA  employers and represents the benefits of all its members. The Association mandates specific accreditation standards and focuses on the combination of both theoretical knowledge and business practices. It is a major trend in the world’s business education to have international accreditations. AMBA accreditation has been a breakthrough in the international accreditations of Lingnan (University) College and has pushed a further step forward of the College’s internationalization process.
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