Students of our College won First Prize at the Fourth National Analysis Competition on the Value of the New OTC Market

On June 30th, the final contest of the Fourth National Analysis Competition on the Value of the New OTC Market was held in Guangzhou. Lingnan’s team, named Lifon, was composed of three first year master’s degree in Finance students and they won first prize nationwide. The team members include Zhou Yi, Huang Xuewei, and Sun Xiaoyue.



In the finals, as the first team, Lifon performed quite well. They clearly demonstrated within ten minutes their investment opinion towards TENON and the intelligent lock industry. When facing professional questions raised by the judges, Lifon responded confidently by using their financial analysis prepared in advance. Finally they won the prize.


This competition, one of China’s the largest-scale competitions on the new OTC market in, was held by Xinsanban Think Tank (Xinsanban Zhiku in Chinese), together with Realize since 1998 (Rongzhen Zixun in Chinese) and Domi Home (Dongmiyijiaren in Chinese). Since the beginning of March, the competition has drawn 1000 teams and 3000 students nationwide. The competition includes three steps of selection: preliminary, quarter-final and final. In the preliminary competition, each team chooses a company participating in the new OTC market, conducts research, and writes a research report. After selection, 148 teams entered next step: quarter-final. These teams get the chance to conduct field research. The host of the competition invited institutes, securities traders, and competition teams to start their research on the 100 listed companies, analyze together with these companies, explore their value, and form a deep research report. Selected outstanding representative teams from different race areas entered a road show section. Teams made a report and answered questions from judges present. Finally, 8 teams from nationwide entered the final.



These months, Lifon has earned favorable comments from judges in the quarter-final and the final with their solid research abilities as well as confident and full application of what they have learned during the competition. They fluidly combined both theory and practice. Finally there came a final result. For them, this competition was a challenge, and also a growth experience. They said, learning to explore the real value of a corporation is a project that deserves to be learned in the long run. 

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