Lingnan Colleges’ National-wide Enrollment Activities for Undergraduate of 2018 and Postgraduate 2019


Undergraduate Program

In May 2018, Lingnan College launched its first nationwide undergraduate enrollment initiative. Inspired to invite students to Lingnan, Dean Lu Jun and Party Secretary Huang Shan personally led 9 professors and 7 undergraduate recruitment ambassadors to 10 cities and 13 key senior high schools across the country. To invite students to Lingnan College, the group discussed the college’s high-quality of instruction, academic achievement, scientific research, and career opportunity. In addition to group presentations, the team held more intimate and interactive question and answer sessions with senior students and their parents, who warmly appreciated the personal connection. The initiative not only promoted Lingnan College, but showed the nation Lingnan’s commitment to diversity, a necessary quality to improve the quality of students and their experiences.


Postgraduate Program


In May 2018, Lingnan launched a nationwide postgraduate student recruitment campaign as well. The postgraduate recruitment team of 40, included Lingnan department leadership, postgraduate tutors, as well as  representative professors. The group travelled to 17 cities and held 23 enrollment meetings.


In the enrollment meetings, professors discussed the characteristics of Lingnan College, explained enrollment policies, and postgraduate career development prospects. Guests were also given enrollment advice, such as the recommendation to attend Lingnan’s postgraduate summer camp. Afterwards, the representative postgraduate students shared their experiences of living and studying at Lingnan. The meetings sought to cater to the concerns of prospective students so they can have a better understanding of the overall enrollment, educational, and life experience of Lingnan College. This understanding was created through interaction and consultation, and seemed to be a success!


In addition to holding in-person meetings at universities across the nation, Lingnan College also uses new media platforms for their enrollment initiatives,  and continues to connect to diverse students across the country through Lingnan’s official WeChat account. Online enrollment engagement is made directly with Associate Dean Zhang Bin, who has made personal interactions with the on-line students by answering questions about Lingnan College’s postgraduate enrollment policy and summer camp activities and so on. The online enrollment community was enthusiastic with more than 2200 people making inquiries into Lingnan College.


Sum-up Meeting


Party Secretary Huang Shan and Associate Dean Zhang Bin spearheaded the initiative’s final meeting. The meeting comprehensively summed up this year's undergraduate and postgraduate’s enrollment initiatives. Every group exchanged and shared reflections and suggestions based on the universities and key senior high schools they visited. Party Secretary Huang Shan and Dean Lu Jun gave full affirmation to the enrollment initiative, and expressed hope that the recruitment office can carry forward these achievements so that our college's future enrollment will be more innovative, more successful, and more characteristic of China at large.



This year is the fifth year of the college postgraduate enrollment promotion and the first year of undergraduate enrollment promotion. Lingnan College continues to build upon the experiences of previous years to achieve a better completion of enrollment promotion and expansion of the college’s influence, while attracting quality students nationwide.

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