Undergraduates coming home from the 2017 Yat-Sen Overseas Study Program

The 2017 Overseas Study Program in UK was successfully run by Lingnan College, SYSU from July 15th to 26th. Within two weeks, 18 undergraduates from Lingnan College, together with another 16 undergraduates from the Business School, SYSU took courses at the University of Manchester, visited world-known universities like University of Oxford and Cambridge and spoke with with senior fellows from the UK Alumni Association.



This tour started at the Manchester Business School. Student took courses on British government and public policy, changes on global economics after Brexit, urban economics, and more, all lectured by three renowned professors. The professors taught with humor and in a way that made it easy for the students to understand. The students were all very impressed with their openness and inclusiveness. After the courses, they visited some local attractions like museums and the canal, to better understand the industrial spirit, craftsmanship and creativity of Manchester, as one of the birthplace of British Industrial Revolution.



Students also visited University of Oxford and Cambridge where they deeply felt the excellence and and the academic atmosphere of the world's top universities. The profound history of Oxford can be seen in every brick of the tiled wall under the setting sun. Oxford students can be seen reading intently through windows, ignoring the gaze from curious outsiders, totally lost in their own thinking. Comparing with Oxford, Cambridge contains a sense of honors and nobleness of royalty. During graduation month in Cambridge, the graduates wore their bachelor's gown, marching in a line with confidence to their bright future.


Moreover, they attended a lectured given by a senior fellow, Mr. Hu Di, a Cambridge PhD. Based on his career, Hu introduced Internet Finance in detail and answered a variety of questions raised by the student. He encouraged the students to think outside the box.


Finally, the team visited London, the capital of England. The students had an in-depth talk with all senior fellows of the UK Alumni Association. All fellows were happy to share their overseas study and entrepreneurial experience with the students. They also went to the famous British Museum, Parliament House, Westminster Abbey, and Trafalgar Square, which provided an in-depth taste of British culture.



"Lingnan College and Business School Overseas Study Program" was supported by the "Yat-sen Overseas Study Program" initiated by SYSU Student Affairs Office in July, 2017. It aims to provide a wider platform for students to develop. The program not only deepens international communication and exchange with overseas universities, but also helps broaden students’ horizons and improves their cross-cultural communication skills.

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