Alumni Donations

Since the establishment of Lingnan, the College has received enormous support from Lingnan alumni from around the globe. As new alumni join Lingnan’s various alumni associations, the College has continued to receive alumni support and attention for its different programs and activities.


For over 20 years, thanks to the unwavering support of the Board of Trustees, Lingnan has received over 250 million HK dollars in donations from alumni and friends, with which the College has built 10 buildings and established teaching and research development funds and scholarships for faculty and students. The support from the Board and senior Lingnan alumni also ushered in the partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management for the International MBA program and the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota for the CHEMBA program.


Continuing the tradition of “Education for Service”, Lingnan alumni have also greatly contributed to the establishment of various awards and scholarships for faculty and students of Lingnan, such as the Lingnan Corporate Scholarships, Lingnan Freshmen Scholarships, and the Education Encouragement Awards.


Alumni Career-Mentor Project and Alumni Lectures

The Alumni Career-Mentor Project invites Lingnan alumni in the industries to be alumni mentors to Lingnan undergraduate, Master’s and MBA students. Through the Project, Lingnan students are able to access the abundant alumni resources of the College and interact with their alumni mentors on topics related to career development and life experiences. Alumni lectures have been regularly held to enable the students and their mentors to meet and talk.


Alumni Charity Activities

Lingnan alumni value greatly service to society and often gather for charity activities, such as visits to impoverished regions and primary schools, as well as fund-raising for financially disadvantaged students. In November 2011, Lingnan Board of Trustees was awarded the “2011 Southern China Charity Awards”.

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