Master of Finance




To prepare students for a future career in the financial service industry by equipping them with a solid theoretical foundation in economics and finance and strong analytical and quantitative skills to solve real world problems




  • ---  Strong Emphasis on Practice

In addition to solid training in theoretical knowledge in economics and finance, the program places strong emphasis on practice. Industry speakers are often invited to give guest lectures. Additionally, internships at well-known global and local financial organizations are frequently made available to students. Providing these opportunities to students constitutes an integral part of the program. 


  • --- Global Benchmark

The curriculum structure of the Program is similar to that of the prominent business schools around the world. As one of the six CFA partners in Mainland China, the program incorporates over 70% of the CFA Program curriculum. 


  • --- Corporate Resources

The dual-mentor system provides each student with an academic supervisor and an industry mentor, who work together to provide professional advice on personal and career development. Meanwhile, academic seminars and lectures by corporate senior executives from financial institutions are also held regularly.


  • ---   Abundant Corporate Scholarships

Since 2012, Lingnan has awarded “Lingnan Corporate Scholarships,” with funding from leading domestic and international financial institutions including PICC, Citi Bank, GF Securities, Minsheng Bank, and Ping’An Securities. Scholarships are granted to outstanding freshmen in this program.


  • --- Career Development

Lingnan has established strategic partnerships with many institutions including investment banks (securities), fund management companies, commercial banks, financial regulatory institutions, accounting firms and consulting firms. These partnerships provide graduates with abundant job opportunities and internships. Furthermore, the Career Development Center provides advice and support for career planning.

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