Research Center


Research Centers


Key Research Institutes for Social Science of Guangdong Province

- Institute for Economics

- Research Center for Financial Engineering and Risk Management


Research Centers—University Level

- Banking Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University

- Research Center for Logistics and Supply Chain, Sun Yat-sen University

- Research Center for Social Security, Sun Yat-sen University

- Institute for Financial Research, Sun Yat-sen University


Research Centers—College Level

- Research Center for Industrial and Regional Economy

- Center for Real Estate Research and Consulting

- Research Center for Equity Investment and Corporate M&A

- Center for Financial Analysts Development

- Center for Accounting and Capital Operation

- Lingnan Center for Econometrics and Empirical Economic Studies

- Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

- Research Center for Strategy and Competitiveness

- Research Center for Sustainable Development of Human Resources

- Research Center for China Family Business

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