Spirit of Lingnan


The Logo and College Anthem


The logo of Lingnan (University) College was adapted from that of Lingnan University, Guangzhou, which has used the symbol since 1911. The upper part of the logo is the White Cloud Mountain; the middle part, the Pearl River, along which is a row of lychee trees; and the lower part is a path.


The mountain, the river, the trees and the path shown in the logo have deep significance: the the White Cloud Mountain, rising majestically in Southern Guangdong, is a distinguished mountain lying to the south of the Five Ridges. It represents the ultimate pursuit of life. Formed by the flow of the Eastern River, the Western River and the Northern River, the Pearl River and its long stream with a distant source represent a commitment to a career. Every summer, ripe fruit hangs in clusters in the lychee trees. Likewise, Lingnanians aspire to lead a fruitful life with a commitment to realize the precept of Education for Service. The path represents the route to the future. The Lingnan education aims to enlighten students and broaden their horizons. Students may climb to the summit of the White Cloud Mountain, looking north at the Five Ridges or float upon the waters of the Pearl River to travel across the ocean. Every Lingnan student follows the path, which leads, by way of hard work, to a successful future.


The logo uses the colors blood red and iron grey, which symbolize integrity and loyalty. Bearing in mind this red-grey spirit, Lingnanians shall strive forward with consistent efforts and construct a solid foundation for generations to come.


Logo of Lingnan (University) College



The College Anthem
Lingnan Will Shine
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