Facts & Figures

Discipline Development                                            Numbers
Disciplines and Majors                                                       
First-Level Disciplines, Ph.D Degrees 4
First-Level Disciplines, Master’s Degrees 4
Ph.D Programs (including 9 specialties which are not yet open to students) 17
Master Programs (including 6 specialties which are not yet open to students; professional degrees excluded.) 17
Undergraduate Programs 6
Professional Degree (both MBA and EMBA are Professional Master Degree of Business Administration) 7
Foreign Degree Programs 2
Postdoctoral Research Stations 2
Key Disciplines
Key Disciplines of Guangdong Province 3
Teaching Achievements
National Experimental Teaching Center 1
National Outstanding Courses 3
Provincial Outstanding Courses 3
First-level Disciplines 3
National Teaching Team 1
National Teaching Achievement Award 1
Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards 3
Provincial Brand Majors 5 (international Economics and Trade, Public Finance and Taxation, Economics, Finance, Logistics Engineering and Management)


Research & Development                                        Numbers
High-level Scientific Research Centers                                          
Research Institutes for Social Science of Guangdong Province 2
Research Institutes
Provincial Research Centers 2
SYSU Research Centers 5
College-level Research Centers 10
Research Projects 2015
Total Number of Research Projects 80
National Projects 12
Ministry of Education Projects 3
Provincial Projects 13
Municipal Projects 0
SYSU Projects 3
Cross-sectional  Projects 49
Research Fund 2012  (RMB)
Total Funding 16,540,200
National Grants 5,065,200
Ministry of Education Grants 300,000
Provincial Grants 2,040,000
Municipal Grants 0
SYSU Grants 886,600
Cross-Sectional Fund 8,248,200
Papers Published 2015
Total Number of Papers Published 286
English Papers  45
 A+  4
 A  2
 B+  9
 C  30
Chinese Papers 125
 Tier 1A Chinese Journals  12
 Tier 1B Chinese Journals  10
 Tier 2 Chinese Journals  49
 Tier 3 Chinese Journals  54
Others 116
Books  2007-2016
Total Number of Books Published 134
Textbooks 44
Monographs 74
Translated Books 3
Compiled Books 13


Faculty and Staff Numbers
Number of Faculty and Staff                                                   
Total Number of Faculty and Staff 217
Faculty 95
Professors 36
Associate Professors 34
Lecturers 25
Total Number of Administrative & Supporting Staff 122
Doctoral Supervisors 40
Master Supervisors 91
Faculty Profile
Percentage of Ph.D Faculty ( 87 Ph.D. degrees holders 96%
New Century Excellent Talents Scheme by the Ministry of Education 6
Excellent Young Scholars by the National Natural Science Foundation 1
Outstanding Young Scholar by the National Natural Science 1
Changjiang Young Scholar 1
Pearl River Scholars 6


Student Profile Numbers
Full-time Students
Total Number of Full-Time Students 1908  
Ph.D. Students 142  
Master Students 317

Master of Economics and Management: 147

Master of Finance: 137

Master of International Business: 33

Undergraduate Students (International Students Included) 1339  
International MBA (Full-Time) 110
Total Number of Part-time Students 1134
International MBA (Part-Time) 297
Bilingual MBA (Part-Time) 309
Logistics Engineering 61
EMBA Program Students 353
Post-EMBA: Investment of Private Entrepreneurs 22
CHEMBA Program 52
China-France MBA Program 40
Total Number of Continuing Education Students 1390
Part-Time (from junior college diploma to bachelor certificate) 1390
Total Number of Other Students 1561
MBA Research and Training Course 303
EMBA Executives Course 189
Chief Financial Officer Advanced Course 37
Chief Logistic Officer of Logistics and Chain Management Advanced Courses 17
Financial Investment and Capital Operation Courses 45  
Ministry of Industry and IT- Enterprise Management Talents Training Courses 130  
Part-time Graduate Courses 840  
International Students Profile
Undergraduate Students 3  
Master Students 1  
International MBA Program 32  
Exchange Program
Number of Partner Schools 43  
Inbound Exchange Students (2015) 87  
Outbound Exchange Students (2015) 112  
MBA Students 28  
Undergraduate Students 76  
Master Students 4  
Partner Schools of Dual Degrees Program 2  


Facilities Numbers
Number of Buildings 10
Floor Area(㎡) 30741
Transportation Autos 4
Total Value of the Existing Equipments and Assets (RMB) 26412364.27

Updated to March 2013

Statistics at Lingnan (University) College

Student and Staff Population
Full-time Students                    1,908
Undergraduates                     1,339
Masters                                  317
Ph.D. candidates                    178
Full-time MBA                        110
Part-time students                   1,918
International Students             36
Exchange Students                   87
Full-time Faculty                      95
Administrative Staff                 122


Publications (2011-2015)
Papers on academic journals  1251
Chinese papers                 1,017
English papers                   234
Books                                        40



Key Research Institutes for Social Science of Guangdong Province
Institute for Economics
Research Center for Financial Engineering and Risk Management


Research Centers—University Level
Banking Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University
Research Center for Logistics and Supply Chain, Sun Yat-sen University
Research Center for Social Security, Sun Yat-sen University
Institute for Financial Research, Sun Yat-sen University


Research Centers—College Level
Research Center for Industrial and Regional Economy
Center for Real Estate Research and Consulting
Research Center for Equity Investment and Corporate M&A
Center for Financial Analysts Development
Accounting and Capital Operation
Lingnan Center for Econometrics and Empirical Economic Studies
Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Research Center for Strategy and Competitiveness



Undergraduate Majors         

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Public Finance and Taxation
  • Management Science
  • International Management


Masters Programs

  • Masters in Economics
  • Masters in Management (Management Science)
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in International Business

Doctoral Programs                

  • Ph.D. in Economics
  • Ph.D. in Finance
  • Ph.D. in Management (Management Science)


MBA Programs                       

  • International MBA (In collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management)
  • MBA


DBA Program                          
International Executive DBA (Joint Program with E. M. Lyon)


EMBA Programs                     

  • Executive MBA
  • China Executive MBA (Joint program with Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota)


EDP Programs                        
Open program
Customized program
Updated in December 2016

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