Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees of Lingnan (University) College was established in 1988. Its members are mostly the prestigious alumni of Lingnan University, leaders of Sun Yat-sen University, young alumni of Lingnan (University) College, and outstanding professionals from local and international business community. Dr. James T. WU became the 1stChairman in 1988 (1988-1995), and was followed by Dr. B.L.WONG (1995-2001), Dr. K.Y. LUK (2001-2005), and Dr. Sui LAU (2005-2009). Dr. M.H. CHAN became the 5th Chairman in June 2009.


Over last twenty years, the Board of Trustees has raised a total of 200 million Hong Kong dollars from Lingnan alumni and friends at home and abroad for the development of business education and the establishment of teaching facilities and software at the College. The long-standing and enthusiastic support from the Board and Lingnan alumni has created the most advanced facilities for study, teaching, and research facilities at Lingnan.


With the funding raised from Lingnan alumni, the Board of Trustees established the Educational Fund of the Board of Trustees and the Teaching and Research Development Fund of Lingnan (University) College to support faculty and student development at the College and presents the Educational Encouragement Awards to over 100 faculty, staff and students celebrating their outstanding performance every year.


The Board of Trustees meets twice a year to receive updates and give advises and support to the development of the College.


Member List



Words from Madam CHEN Zhili, former State Councilor, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Dear Lingnan Alumni, we are deeply moved and encouraged by your utmost efforts and tireless devotion to education in China from the Lingnan alumni for over a decade. You are the example to us all.

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